Chimney Repair & Rebuild

Chimney Repair & Rebuild

Chimney Rebuilding & Chimney Restoration | Chicago IL, IN Chimney Masonry Experts

G & F Home Remodeling of Chicago IL , provides expert chimney rebuilding and chimney masonry work for our customers in Chicago IL and other surrounding cities.

Have you been noticing signs that indicate your chimney is damaged? You can spot many common symptoms of damaged chimney masonry such as:

In all these cases, likely there is some compromise to the chimney structure or its components. How extensive is the damage? Exactly why are the above problems happening? The only way to answer these questions is with a professional chimney inspection, which will find out where the problem exists and determine the best way to solve it.

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Chimney Rebuilding

Over years of frigid winters and intense heat from fires, a chimney’s structural integrity can be compromised. If the chimney has begun to lean or if there are large sections of loose or missing bricks, a partial or complete chimney rebuild may be necessary to restore operational soundness and keep you and your family safe.

We perform expert chimney rebuilding services for homeowners throughout Chicago IL and its surrounding areas. All work is done by trained, CSIA-certified technicians who have the demonstrated skills to safely rebuild your chimney and give it many more years of peak performance. G & F Home Remodeling is a proud member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Northeast Association of Chimney & Hearth Professionals.

Chimney Brick Repair In Chicago IL

When smaller sections of your chimney’s masonry are showing signs of wear and tear, we often can address the issue without actually rebuilding the chimney. A process known as tuckpointing can be used to fill in areas of missing bricks and mortar with a strong compound that will stop leaks and hold up well for many years in even the worst weather conditions.

A chimney inspection may turn up only a few cracks in the chimney’s mortar joints. Depending on the depth of the cracks, water may be infiltrating the system and causing interior chimney damage that can’t be seen without specialized video equipment. If the cracks are minor, we can seal them with a waterproof coating. If cracking is extensive, we can determine if more damage exists within the flue or adjacent areas of the home.

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Chimney Leaks: Water & Bricks Don’t Mix

Many chimney rebuilding and major masonry repair projects can be avoided if water leaks are addressed and fixed quickly. Water and bricks don’t mix, and over time, water can not only eat away at your chimney structure, it also can cause rotting and mold growth in your home’s building materials.

An even bigger concern with damage caused by leaking chimneys is when decomposition happens inside the flue and opens up the possibility for a house fire. Your chimney liner and the masonry of the chimney are your only defenses to keep intense heat away from vulnerable, combustible areas of the home.

G & F Home Remodeling is here to help with all your chimney repair, chimney rebuilding, masonry repair and leak-prevention needs. Count on our 20+ years’ experience to keep your chimney safe and sound all year long.

We serve all of Chicago IL and its surrounding area. Call us today at (317) 506-4537 or drop us a message through our get a quote tab.

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